Planet Science allows children between the ages of 5-12 to explore different topics in Science. Children will gain hands on scientific experience exploring topics that include but are not limited to Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Geology.

Although primarily located in the West of Ireland & the Midlands, we bring science at your door step NATIONWIDE! 

Science Topics Covered 

Biology ​


Children will explore the awesome world of CHEMISTRY with our fun 'messy' range of experiments including slime. 


Children will learn about polymers and the chemical reaction leading to their formation. 


Children get to explore the world of Chemists by using separation techniques to clean up 'dirty' water. They will also learn the art of separating colours   

Planet Science allows children to explore life on earth in a fun environment through BIOLOGY. 

Children will learn about MICROSCOPES and how scientists use this tool to discover new medicine!


Children will learn about cells, animals, microbes & plants.


It is only through the microscope that kids will appreciate that our life looks so big..  

Physics  ​


Everything on our planet moves and interacts. At planet Science, children will learn about the different branches of physics including ELECTRICITY & HEAT. 

Under these topics, children will learn more about conductors vs. insulators and also learn about light energy. 

Under the HEAT topic, children will learn about how some liquids in nature have a very low boiling point! 

Children will also explore more about EXOTHERMIC reactions

Planet Science allows kids to discover the exciting under-explored subject of GEOLOGY.

Activities will allow children to understand how some of their favourite holiday destinations were formed by volcanic activity.


Children will also learn the Science behind TORNADOES and get a unique opportunity to make a tornado in a bottle. Definitely a classroom favourite... 




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